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Do you ever feel...

Like your mind races when you are trying to go to sleep, so much so that you are drained of energy around your loved ones?
Like your heart is racing when you get anxious around people, as if you are about to go on stage?
Like you get stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts, and no matter how hard you try to escape, it just gets worse?
Like you have a fear of missing out on social events, and you end up doing things when in reality you should be taking care of yourself?

If you have had these symptoms for more than 12 months, then you are
6x more likely to be hospitalised for psychiatric disorders than those who don't have anxiety.

36% of people with social anxiety disorder report they - struggle with symptoms for 10 or more years before seeking help.

But this doesnt have to be you!


Because after 17 years of helping people overcome anxiety as a professional therapist, I am now giving away everything I know.

So you can...


just like i did.


“My 20 year problem had been sorted in a matter of weeks. I wish I'd done this sooner,  Raj is certainly value for money as some of the other therapists charge twice as much. I couldn't recommend Raj enough to anyone looking to do CBT. 

“She really helped with my anxiety and provided me with useful tools to help with my well-being."

“She has helped to give meaning to struggles and behaviours and the tools provided can be used even if you've reached a level of progression and stability."

“I can't thank her enough. I have now come off sertraline and Zoplicone and feel better!"

"Very pleased with the service, my therapist is patient and understanding and the worksheets are very helpful and thought provoking"

“Raj has helped me understand a lot about how I was thinking negatively and with CBT & other tools, I was taught a more favourable & effective way of analysing my thoughts."

“Rajnish has taken me from the hardest and lowest point of my life with her amazing knowledge and methods to now where I am able to manage my thoughts with ease.

If I could give more than 5 stars I absolutely would, if you’re reading this and struggling I highly recommend Rajnish, she will not judge you and leave you smiling"

"Rajnish has been exceptional. Her approach and insightful guidance helped me navigate through challenging times and find lasting solutions."

“ I'd like to thank Rajnish for helping me overcome my anxiety. Lockdowns and covid like many others left me feeling fearful and insecure about the future, but with Rajnish help and teaching me how to manage my thoughts has made a huge improvement.

If you're suffering I highly recommend her services as she is very good at what she's doing.

Thank you again."

+ many other anxiety free clients

I was very nervous before starting my sessions, but Rajnish was very understanding and non-judgemental towards my concerns. She really helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was and really made me think about myself as a person.


I would recommend Rajnish highly because of all the help she has given me during tough times, thank you Rajnish! 


Rajnish understood the key drivers behind my concerns and worked to provide simple, yet effective techniques to challenge my thought processes to strengthen my well-being over the long term. I would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you Rajnish for being great! 


She really helped me to understand my thought patterns, and make sense of my feelings. She also guided me in overall self exploration, which has been really helpful for me in just understanding myself more and it has helped me to make the best decisions for myself. I can't recommend Rajnish enough, she is amazing


Lockdown coupled with lots of time to think about life made me realise that I was not managing my anxiety as well as I thought I did. Apart from helping me manage my anxiety.

Rajnish has made me aware of some other issues I have and has equipped me with the necessary tools needed to become a healthier person (in terms of mental and emotional health), to the point where my family and friends are able to see the growth I have made thus far.


She gave me tools to challenge recurrent issues that I've had with acute moments of anxiety on and off for the last 10 years.

I now have the methods that I need to challenge these ingrained ways of behaving and thinking whenever they arise.

I have emerged feeling, positive, powerful and in control of my thoughts. I am under no illusion that the thoughts will ever go away, but I now know how to handle them more healthily. Thank you Raj 


control your anxiety and learn life-long skills so you CAN FEEL GOOD

Imagine for a moment how it would feel to have your anxiety levels so effectively managed that falling asleep is no longer a battle.

Can you see the ripple effect it would have on your overall well-being and productivity throughout your day?

Suppose you could acquire very precise, readily implementable techniques to turn around negative thoughts into positive thoughts. How would that change your outlook on life?

Consider for a moment… what if there was a way to significantly reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety, like the racing heart, sweaty palms, or stomach knots? 

How much of a positive shift would that create in your life?

What if you could fully be in the present and not see yourself from an outside perspective thinking “How do I sound?”, or “What are they thinking of me?”.

you might be asking yourself...

"Can this course truly offer me these outcomes?"

Now, suppose we could show to you the profound value of this course, breaking down how each session could guide you towards achieving this mindful state of being.

Would that pique your interest?

Our goal is to help you fully comprehend what our course brings to the table - not just the immediate tools you will gain, but the lifelong shift you'll experience in being more present in your everyday life.

Does this resonate with the change you're seeking?

meet your therapist
rajnish VIRK

At a young age I've witnessed parental domestic abuse, bullied at primary and secondary school.

This created isolation and triggered me to have low self esteem, anxiety and depression which went on to effect me in areas of relationships and confidence.

All of the above has helped me to understand the conditions and how to help people better along side being able to relate to a persons experiences for the better.

This is one of the reasons why I chose this field of work although I did a law degree. 

i have walked in your shoes

Have you ever felt like life was a constant struggle, as if your mind was racing with worries and fears, leaving you drained and disconnected from your loved ones?

That's exactly how I felt growing up in a troubled household, witnessing the strained relationship between my parents and trying to find my place in a new environment after their divorce.

As a result, I became a quiet and slightly fearful child, struggling to adjust and make friends.

However, I believe that our experiences, no matter how challenging, can lead us to greater understanding and empathy for others.

My journey of self-discovery and personal growth never stopped, as I continued to learn and improve myself.

I found solace in reading and exploring ways to overcome my fears and mood fluctuations, embracing the idea that life is an ongoing journey of self-improvement.

My unconventional path into becoming a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist began with a low-degree program with a mental health component.

During my university days, I volunteered with children who committed minor crimes, working on their mental health to prevent reoffending.

Little did I know that this experience would set me on a path of helping people in a profound way.

After joining the NHS as a low-intensity therapist for mild to moderate anxiety and depression, I discovered my passion for helping people through skills-based therapy.

But my desire to make a difference led me to further training as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. For many years, I've been dedicated to helping others in both the NHS and through my private practice.

Then this happened...

My journey took an unexpected turn when I decided to go private, allowing me to adopt more holistic approaches to mental health.

I transformed my garage into a clinic room, created a website, and hoped for clients to come. It turned out to be a successful venture, enabling me to continue my mission of helping people from all backgrounds.

To me, mental health is not just about the mind; it's about understanding the interconnectedness of our body, inner self, and life experiences.

My research focuses not only on skills and techniques but also on body-related approaches and self-awareness. Helping clients become aware of themselves and guiding them toward self-improvement is a gift that fills me with pride.

I've witnessed how mental health issues affect individuals, their families, and communities, and I firmly believe that change is possible with the right support and guidance.

My purpose in life is to empower others to take control of their mental health and live the life they truly want.

If you've ever felt like anxiety is controlling your life, I want you to know that it doesn't have to be that way.

After 17 years of helping people overcome anxiety, I'm here to share everything I know, so you too can take back control and live a fulfilling life. 

what you get

We help you take anxiety and turn it into a puzzle you can solve.

course WEEK - 1 - Foundations of Anxiety

Dive deep and learn where your anxiety comes from using a practical tool that helps you map your anxiety triggers and understand their impact on your life. 

course WEEK - 2 - Challenge Your Negative Thinking

Challenge negative thought patterns using proven CBT Techniques. Learn to recognise unhelpful thinking styles and shift them into positive narratives. 

courseWEEK - 3 - Managing Worries

Learn how to differentiate between REAL problems and hypothetical anxieties. You will use a hands-on tool that provides a practical approach to worry management, encouraging action for real issues while helping you let go of unproductive worries.

course WEEK - 4 - Breathwork & tapping

Receive professional guidance on how to use deep breathing and tapping to relieve anxiety, while also bringing a sense of clarity and peace to your everyday life.


Don't Feel Like You Got Any Value? Get A Full Refund

To inspire more people to take the leap and finally be able to control their anxiety I've removed more risk than anyone you can find.

Why does everyone take your money even when you don't get results?

Why can't they just refund the ones who didn't feel any difference?

I'll tell you why: They would go out of business!

But I won't – so I can offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who doesn't feel any difference.

With my current success rates, there won't be many refunds. I'll be fine.

And the few people who get refunds can take that same money elsewhere and try again.

They get another chance. Instead of giving up after this course fails.

That's worth something to me. A lot actually. Because I want you to succeed long-term.

So if you pay for this course and don't feel any difference – you get a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I attend the 4-week anxiety course?

In all our group settings and course, we ensure a secure, well-guided, and private environment for adults.

In these spaces, you learn the top methods and strategies that assist in effectively dealing with anxiety.

Are the course sessions recored?

No, none of the Zoom sessions for our group workshops are recorded.

How are course sessions delivered?

The courses are delivered online via Zoom.

Do I have to speak during course sessions?

Our course sessions create a welcoming environment for individuals who are 18 years and older to express their experiences with anxiety. We strongly promote and facilitate active participation, however, if you don't feel comfortable, there's no obligation to contribute verbally.

What is the maximum number of participants in each course session?

Our course sessions are designed to accommodate a maximum of 10 people. This restriction is put in place to guarantee a tailored and intimate experience for each participant, enhancing the effectiveness of the presented strategies and techniques.

What is the frequency of the group course?

Our comprehensive course is conducted once a month. If you're interested but unable to join the current session, you have the option to sign up for our waiting list by clicking here.

This will secure your spot for a future course when it's more convenient for you.

Do I have to attend every session to see benefits?

We only offer spots in our course for the complete duration of 4 weeks. The course is designed to give you maximum benefit and significant change, so we strongly advise attending each and every session of the course.

I haven't received my booking details what do I do?

If you haven’t received your booking details, please check your emails including spam folder. In the event you are still missing this information, please email

What happens if I need to cancel?

If you are unable to attend the course session, you should cancel your place giving at least 48 hours’ notice by following the cancellation link that can be found within the original Zoom registration confirmation email. Alternatively, email:

Do I need to go on camera?

Yes. For reasons of safety, we do ask that all participants come on camera for the workshop sessions.

How do I know what is expected of group and course participants in sessions?

Each course follows a set of basic rules that the facilitator will explain at the beginning of every session.

Spots filling up fast!

Time is running out to secure your spot for the September Course. 

As we say goodbye to the sunny, leisurely days of summer, it’s time to start preparing for the fall.

To help you start your journey towards controlling your anxiety, we’re offering a 50% discount as part of our “After Summer Launch”.

This is a limited time offer only. By signing up today, you won’t just secure your spot in our in-demand Course, you’ll also lock in a 50% discount.

Remember, our Course capacity is limited to 10 participants only to ensure personalised attention for every participant. Spots are filling up faster with our 50% discount.

Secure you spot, and say yes to control your anxiety.


COURSE WEEK - 1 - How to understand your anxiety

An incredible technique awaits you in our first session that will provide you with the means to truly understand the roots of your anxiety.

This method is so simple yet profound, and its application extends beyond the session into your everyday life, making it an invaluable asset in your journey towards better mental health.

COURSE WEEK - 2 - STOP Negative thoughts 

Here, we will introduce you to a powerful skill that will allow you to question and challenge your thought patterns, encouraging a shift from negativity to constructive, positive thinking.

This tool isn't confined to our sessions. Instead, it becomes a part of your daily life, fostering a healthier mental state and enabling you to see the world from a renewed perspective.

COURSE WEEK - 3 - Removing Worries Inside Your Mind

Session three offers a solution to one of the most persistent challenges associated with anxiety: worry management. Through a technique that you'll learn in this session, you'll gain the ability to differentiate between unproductive worries and actionable ones.

This approach will open up your mental space, providing you with room for more positive thoughts and actions, and enabling you to handle anxiety more effectively.

COURSE WEEK - 4 - Control Your Anxiety… Anywhere

 In our final session, we'll introduce a method that provides instant calmness and relief during your most challenging moments.

This technique holds immense potential as it promotes immediate peace and enhances mental well-being, enabling you to handle stressful situations with grace and resilience.

"This course taught me skills I can use for life. Raj has really helped me understand myself better and allowed me to reduce my anxiety. I feel happier and more satisfied!"

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